Our services

         MSG, consulting firm set up in Thailand with main objective to provide the system of administration, accounting systems, and tax planning. For the new generation. who care for management system, an important part of business management.

MSG has a goal and policy to be the center of knowledge about business and finance, accounting, taxation, law, and the other in the form of a One Stop Service to meet with business leaders to choose the right services. MSG's business policy is Total Business Consultant.

Accounting and tax services

  • Tax Planning for the tax benefit as required by law
  • Accounting and tax services according to accounting standards and the Revenue Code
  • Audit financial statement and Special audit (Due Diligence).
  • Design the accounting system
  • Design system of internal control and internal audit.
  • Audit

Financial services

  • Financial management systems in the business
  • Prepare business plan to raise capital
  • Analysis of the project feasibility
  • Obtain financing from financial institutions
  • Negotiations and debt restructuring with financial institutions.
  • Business restructuring

Legal services and business registration

  • General legal counsel
  • Partnership Law
  • International trade law
  • Civil and Commercial Code
  • Registered company, limited partnership, and change
  • Registered the copyright, trademark

Services, training and books

  • Training and seminars in accounting, finance, taxation, marketing, business law, etc
  • In-house Training
  • Management consulting and development of various systems.
  • Produce a book of applications for accounting, finance, taxation and others.

          For more information, contact Miss Laau ChotichumTel. 02-803-6820 or visit us at our office