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          Accounting issues, finance, taxation and business law is a big problem for business. It relates to the business a long time ago. Mistakes occurred as the cost of business i.e. extra money interest and penalties. This is the topic that the entrepreneur could not neglect to pay attention to carefully.

          Therefore, we create our website to disseminate knowledge and practice as a source of knowledge to interested and relevant person to use the content in their work. Content question and answer that we developed intention would be useful to the reader more or less.

          We are very proud if you can take advantage or forward the information to the business tax accountants and others to apply and to take full advantage of them. However, knowledge that has been in favor of those that came into play. Teepruksa.com include

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          The contents of the article and answer is just an individual comment and could not be regarded as conclusive legal or business matters in any way. Readers are urged to consider legal and other related information to be included prior to actual implementation.

          Apart from the article and necessary information for doing business. Training and seminar emphasize participants to gain knowledge and could be put into practical application. The course would open for you to join over the years. More importantly, we focus on quality rather than quantity. Come and join would not disappoint you. Talk of tax, good tax book and many other books that are sold in many leading bookstores. These books could reinforce the business knowledge to you and now waiting for you to buy as needed.

          Now you could enjoy looking into the article, the easy to read answer in order to apply the knowledge to each business situation properly

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